Wine Chemistry

Churn Creek Cellars is proud to introduce you to Dr. Matthew E. Morgan. "Dr. Matt" is one of Layne's childhood friends, and they remain close to this day. Dr. Matt currently lives in the Seattle area.

As Denise and Layne became more involved with winemaking, their questions in relation to the chemistry taking place increased. Dr. Matt provided not only the expertise to answer these questions, but the ability as a professional educator to simplify the terms so that the answers became easier to understand. After all, Chemistry is not everyone's favorite subject, is it?

Dr. Matt is pleased to offer his services to the friends of Churn Creek Cellars. If you have a question involving wine that is Chemistry related, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Matt via e-mail at the following address to pose your question:

Photo Credit: Dr. Matt Morgan guest lecturing to the Shasta College Winemaking I class on September 29, 2014.